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DKr 550,00

Ravensbanner (150x225) Red

Ravensbanner (150x225) Red
Can be delivered after november 1'st 2013

We can now once again offer a red Ravensbanner that fits an ordinary flagpole (of 8/9m) made from spunpolyester at an affordable price.

The Ravens banner was known as the standard under which the Danish and other Viking armies fought on the coasts of the North Sea. According to tradition the saga hero Ragnar Lodhbroks daughters sowed it. In the early medieval times it was flown as the Danish national banner by kings like Knud the Great. Even though Knud was a christian the Ravens banner has a profound heathen symbol. Odin‚Äö?Ñ?¥s bird the Raven. The Ravens banner probably reflects the pro-heathen reaction that triggered the early Viking raids (as the one on Lindisfarne), before they became sheer pillaging and conquest. The colours is a bit uncertain. Sometimes it is described as a black raven on a white flag, sometimes as a black raven on a red flag.

Danish flag rules.
Flying the Ravens banner does not apply to the Danish rules for flying foreign national flags. If the Ravens banner is to be perceived as a national flag it can only be perceived at the Danish national flag. Thus the same rules apply to it as do to the Dannebrog Croix banner.
If the Ravens banner is not perceived as a national flag but as a religious flag, the same rules apply to it as do to commercial flags. This means that you can fly the Ravens banner for the duration of a few days on special event without permission. Neither is it necessary to fly the Dannebrog Croix banner along side it, nor on the same pole.
However there can be local regulations on harbour areas, shopping streets etc.
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